Dramatis Personae

Morgan Caileigh Bennett (aged one month), Julie Bennett, Fiona Swan, David Reid, Martin Bryant, Martin Bucknall, Nuala Fahey, Dan Glover, Steve Way, Cath Way, Jill Russell, Wendy Taylor, Nick Leverton

The Boink

Morgan Caileigh Bennett is the first (well, as far as we know) Uk.Singles baby, born 30th December 1996. On Saturday, 1st February 1997, we gathered to meet her for the first time at Pizza Express on Bow Street, in Covent Garden. We sincerely hope though this will be the first of many boinks for her ...

Wendy: Morgan is a total babe and I'm only sorry we'll see so little of her.

Wendy: She has a strong grip and bite and knows what she wants and when. Wendy: It was nice to see Julie, and finally get to hear all the details, albeit piecemeal. Well done Julie. You must get a web site for all the baby photos. Wendy: Glad Steve and Cath made it and that Cath was able to keep down her lunch. Wendy: They took us to the Freemasons via Lush where I bought a couple of bombs. Wendy: Didn't see any wonky handshaking going on, but there was a cute waitress with hair as short as The Corporal's. I watched her watching Dan Glover before approaching our table on the pretext of asking for a chocolate (thanks Nick). Wendy: She obviously had taste, though Dan struggled to get a word in edgewise, between her and the two Martins, who were both in good form, especially the one who was up past his bed time. Wendy: Nuala made it for dessert and deserves a special commendation for coming along despite being voiceless. We lost her to a bookstore on the way to the pub though. Wendy: Jill arrived just in time to head to the pub and proved she knows the difference between an exceptional and a run of the mill screw. Wendy: David Reid was there operating both video cameras, though not simultaneously. Wendy: Thanks for organising it Fiona, especially as I know you've had a lot on this past week. I'll never forget the way Julie's ears picked up when you mentioned s e x.


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