These are some of the finest people I've met to date so far.

These images have not been electronically altered. It really was that sunny. Any images that cause offense will be removed or altered on request. Please notify me of any errors or any thing at all akshirley.

Don Wybrow, Graham Patterson and Alex

Dunno(It could be Jas), Pete (moose), Menya, FiFi, Pete

The Princess Fifi

Pete (The moose)

The all new Beth (ok not really, She didn't like her piccie so I changed it. The real Beth is here)

(Facing) Ferret, Julie, Morgan (back to us) Graham and Menya.

Graham Patterson, Marc Wilson, Ferret

Sharon (hiding) and Parv


Don't you dare take a picture of this says the Minotaur. But she forgets that I am Nev and so I am not afraid of little minotaurs


Here we see Dave (address in sig) getting a justly deserved *THWACK* for having just... Well you had to be there

It was all just too much for Malcolm


Pete & Menya have a cuddle on the grass and then go on to show us how position 69 should be done.

. Mousie Rear view, note food supplies.

Beth making the picnic lunch for the Sunday walk. But for reasons I shall not go into neither she or I got to taste any of it.

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No it's a banana

Part of the camp site in the rear garden

. Even Warlocks have to join in with the cleaning up. Those who have visited my 'umble abode will note that Simon has the same taste in wallpaper as myself.

The Minotaur leaves another victim (David) crippled with fear.

Here we have some late entries from Mousetrap.

The Minotaur showing where she wears the horns. At least that what I think she's doing.

The Dave proudly showing off the "bitus minotaurus" and that was through several layers of clothes.

Snugglers start young at Auchencairn (aaaaaaaahh)

Sharon (still hiding)

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