PicnicBoink in the WindTunnel

Saturday, 31 May 1997

James Kemp:

Just got back from the boink. Good day out, got toasted severely and have arms and legs redder than Feef's lipstick.

The characteristic feature of the boink was the walking. The Flask (I) was a good way from the tube and up a hill, which wasn't the same one as the hill we ended up on for the picnic. The Flask (II) was even further away, although well within stag^H^H^H^Hcrawling distance of Hampstead Tube. We managed OK though & thanks to Steve (Ways) for organising it.

Quote from Steve (elrick) "don't let someone who's idea of a fun afternoon is a 30 mile walk organise a boink again"

The picnic in the windtunnel was quite good, all sorts of stuff was on offer, including a couple of bars of chocolate & mousie's pictures from Auchenboink, including the one of Lizzy's bite marks on Dave's shoulder, fearsome stuff...

After a few hours of sunning & stuffing ourselves on the top of the hill we then trekked en masse to the other Flask, although the Minotaur, Steve & Cath and possibly someone else went home. We also picked up John Middleditch en route. I managed to find the pub no problem, but everyone else seemed to want to keep stopping to navigate and stuff for some strange reason, don't they trust a scotsman's natural affinity for alcohol?

In the pub we managed to eat them out of most of their menu, the only thing left on the blackboard when we left was the Broccoli, which is hardly surprising, horrible green stuff. The only other thing of note was the gales of laughter brought about when I remarked, on returning from the toilet, that they had Kangaroo-flavoured condons and Beth asked what Kangaroo tasted like...

Dan Glover:

Nice to meet some previously un-encountered people, sorry if I made my usual mistake of failing miserably to engage in conversation.

Thanks to Steve for organising/getting things off the ground. Quite a nice area, shame it's a bit of a trek from here.

BTW, what *did* happen to Lizzy's hair? Was this the outcome of some ritual at the Auchenboink, perchance... With the dark glasses too it took me a few minutes to work out that we had the stealth Minotaur in our midst.


Nothing about rum tarts James?

Steve Way:

Glad so many made it - sorry I didn't talk to as many as I would have liked (as usual). Very glad the stealth Minotaur appeared, and it was great to see Chris Wain again.

Sad boink behaviour II - Charles sending e-mail from his mobile phone to Jill's as they sat next to each other.

Sorry we had to leave early, but at least we made this one.

My quote of the day from Jill: "It's come! It's come on my phone!".

Steve, who was happy to see everyone.

Jill Russell:

By the way, my quote of the day arose as follows. uk.singles was spread out with their spread just in front of the viewing point of the highest and windiest hill in the whole of England. Many thousands flocked to see the view, and it slowly dawned that really they were coming to view us! I asked some wit (forget who because we've got so many) if my paranoia was justified, and they agreed it was, but suggested that it could be just the size of our picnic party. On doing a quick survey I did notice that we were the largest group for miles around. However, about half an hour later, it came to my attention that to the left of us were another group of picnickers, bordering on our dimensions, but of younger, more virile appearance. I wondered aloud whether this could be another newsgroup. Said wit replied that it was probably uk.adverts.personals. I don't know whether there was any veracity in this as I didn't wannashag at the time so didn't enquire further.

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